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Introducing Sell-Side Taxing.

$DRIP is a radical economic experiment that taxes sell-side transactions. This 2% tax is reflected immediately across all token holder balances, providing steady, frictionless yield.

Volume Harvesting & Decentralized Liquidity.

Conventional FoT tokens rely on nothing but attention to attract volume. $DRIP employs several new strategies & products to generate volume. We call this "volume harvesting".

See the $DRIP Stream, & Arbitrage Pools. (coming soon)

Dynamic Deflation.

On launch, a portion of $DRIP tokens are sent to the ocean address. As more fees are collected, the ocean grows, permanently burning a portion of tokens.

Dual-Yield Capable & Gas Optimized

Simply call our exposed functions in your smart contract to support dual-yield capabilities. $DRIP is also extremely efficient, using half the amount of gas for transactions compared to other FoT tokens.


Bullshit we left out that just doesn't work.

1. The fallacy of $SAV3 / $ABS style "absorption" liquidity locking. Why doesn't this work? Take the simple x*y=k CFMM that uniswap operates on. Fees collected from transactions and locked in liquidity here never introduce new "capital", instead it exerts consistent sell pressure by skewing the balance of the pool in the native token's direction. New capital only arrives from new ETH injections, which simply includes 50/50 LPers and people swapping for the token. Oh and the rising floor price? The price deviation that happens the majority of the time renders it grossly insignificant.

2. The broken logic behind $ITS style "liquidity buybacks". Why are we even talking about this. Once again, this is another failed attempt at ponzinomics. Liquidity buybacks don't work. First reason is stated above (new capital only comes from ETH injections). Second reason is that no one will ever touch your liquidity pool if a % of their share is burnt. LPing is a careful game that may be profitable, and you just destroyed your chances by slapping on a 2% fee per hour for any LPer. You'll also eventually run out of ETH-side liquidity if no new LPers enter (a negative cycle! brilliant!).

3. And rebasing... seriously... Rebasing achieves a total of nothing. The only thing that changes is that you're now trading on market capitalization & your % of total tokens. Oh and volume generation from the exciting rebase periods? Doesn't happen since rebases are priced in instantly as balances are updated directly in conventional CFMMs. There is nothing mathematically different between $BASE, $AMPL, and every other normie-tricking rebase token out there.

The real secrets behind proper ponzinomics are a lot more nuanced, but realism is irrelevant to this sector anyways so we'll talk about that another time.

Let's face it. You're eyeing the newest & most brilliant valueless experiment right now.

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Remember, DRIP is COMPLETELY EXPERIMENTAL and is presented as-is. The use of the words "ponzinomics", "gamble", "shitcoin" are completely satirical and they should not be taken literally. You should also expect nothing from DRIP and its team. We highly discourage you from interacting with DRIP under any circumstance. Proceed under your own discretion, and remember to perform ample due-diligence.